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Amazing entertainment made better.

  • Courtside seats anytime,
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  • Eyes on the ball with in-stream stats and graphics.

  • Choose your broadcaster.

  • Know the ins and outs of the court.

Never miss game-changing moments.

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Enjoy non-stop basketball action! Get access to previous and upcoming games anytime, anywhere at home.

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    VS P499 SRP

    30-day access to all NBA Games and teams


How to register to NBA League Pass

1 Go to
2 Select MONTHLY
3 Click LEAGUE PASS (Not League Pass Premium)
4 Sign In if you already have an NBA account, or create one for new account.
5 You will be redirected to Enter your voucher in the promo code field then click APPLY
6 You can now start watching epic NBA games!
  • This League Pass is valid for 1 month only. To resubscribe, kindly purchase another voucher through this page.
  • Promo code is valid for the current season only. Expiry of code is based on last day of the NBA season

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBA League Pass?

A subscription to NBA League Pass* gives fans access to games, live and on-demand, and more for the entire season and offseason.

What is included in the NBA League Pass offerings?

Your NBA League Pass subscription includes:

  • Live and on-demand games**
  • Every feed - Home, Away, Mobile View, language options, and alternative streams
  • Multiple condensed game formats so you can catch up on the game’s best moments
  • Access to NBA TV’s 24/7 stream including analysis, games, exclusive features, interviews, press conferences, and live events***
  • NBA Archives: access to classic games, documentaries and more****
  • Access to full game archives starting from the 2012-2013 season to the present
  • Availability on the web, mobile & connected devices, and gaming consoles. Click here for a full list of supported devices
  • Stream games on one device at a time

Until when are the NBA League Pass codes valid?

The expiry for all codes is June 30, 2023 US time.

How many times can I redeem my voucher?

The voucher code is good for one redemption only.

When will my NBA League Pass subscription start?

Voucher access duration will only start upon redemption of code.

Until when can I avail of my NBA League Pass?

All NBA League Pass vouchers will be valid for the 2022-2023 NBA season only.

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*Available everywhere except: Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Japan, Kosovo, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria
**Blackouts and restrictions apply in the US and Canada. For fans accessing from the US and Canada, all games that are not restricted by US and Canadian Blackouts will be available for viewing
***See here for NBA TV country restrictions
****Available for subscribers in select international markets