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Frequently Asked Questions


How many telset units will I be allowed to have?

Each subscriber is allowed to have up to three (3) units, provided the subscriber has already fully paid for the first two (2) units.

Who is eligible to start a warranty claim?

The owner of the PLDT-provided handset can start the claim.

How long is the warranty period for repair service?

Your warranty period is valid for one (1) year from the date of the original purchase from PLDT and is valid provided the product is only used in accordance with published guidelines from PLDT for the product, including the product's user manuals and technical specifications.

How long is the replacement period of the Telset unit?

For replacement of new telsets, we follow a 7-day return policy. Just take note that returned handsets will be accepted and replaced only if the below criteria are met:

  • Reason for return is due to factory defect
  • Should have a valid Proof of Purchase
  • The handset being returned is PLDT-provided, whether bought at the Stores or online
  • The handset is returned at any PLDT Store within seven (7) calendar days from the date of purchase

How far can you be from the base phone and still be talking on the handset?

They typical range of Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) or cordless phones is around 300 meters. However, given the different interferences inside the home (i.e. walls, WiFi, Bluetooth, motorized appliance, etc.), the actual range of the series can go up to 80 meters.

How do I register the Premium Base Cordless unit (main) and/or the Premium Base Cordless Extension unit handset to a base?

In order for the intercom function to work properly, you must register at least two (2) handsets to the base. See below how to register a handset to a base.

To register your handset to a base:

  1. Press Handset Locator (approx. 6 secs) on the base you wish to register the handsets.
  2. On your handset, press the OK and Redial (or call) buttons to select REGISTRATION.
  3. Select base number. Default is B1.
  4. Enter the 4-digit system PIN. (default: 0000)
  5. Press OK to confirm. You will hear a tone to confirm successful registration.

Does the Premium Base Cordless unit have an Answering Machine function?

Yes, it has the answering machine function. Just do the following to see if someone left you a message:

  1. Press the OK/MENU button on your handset
  2. Press Redial (or the call button) and select Ans. Machine
  3. Select Msg Playback

Can I put other batteries in the Premium Base Cordless unit (main) and/or the Premium Base Cordless Extension unit other than what is included?

It is advised to use only the supplied AAA rechargeable batteries. However, in the event that you want to put other batteries, please ensure that the battery meets the following requirement:

  1. 400 mAH -1
  2. V AAA NIMH (Nickel Metal hydride) rechargeable battery.

Voice Plans

What are the security features of my PLDT Landline?

Your phone is equipped with a security feature. The security code is your authorization for DDD calls. It works as a personal lock.

  • When calling a landline:
    Area code Tel. No. # 4-digit PIN #
  • When calling a cellphone:
    Cellphone no. # 4-digit PIN #

Dial country code area code tel. no. # 4-digit PIN #

For telephones that are not yet equipped with the 1-step security code, the existing security code can be used instead.

  • To Unlock: # 54* _ _ _ _ #
  • To Lock: * 54 * _ _ _ _ #
  • To Change: *85* _ _ _ _ (present code) * _ _ _ _ (new code) #


It is important that you memorize the Security Access Code so as not to allow other persons to use it. Calls with the Security Access Code are presumed to be regular and authorized and shall be charged accordingly. Please examine your bills carefully.

What are the special features/services that I can enjoy?


Never be bothered by unwanted calls again and enjoy extra phone security with PLDT's Caller ID. Screen, trace, and store every phone call you receive and call back at your convenience.


With the call waiting feature of PLDT, you can receive another incoming call even while you are engaged on the line. While engaged on the line, you will be alerted to an incoming call by a series of beep tones.


With the call forwarding feature of PLDT, you don’t have to be near your phone to get your calls. Your calls can follow you to wherever you can be reached – be it at another landline, cellphone, or even your pager. As you program your call forwarding option, a voice recording or special tone will confirm successful activation / de-activation.


You can now talk to two people at the same time on the same line with the 3-Party Conference feature of PLDT, eliminating the need for separate calls. You can conduct a meeting simply by adding a third party to an ongoing phone conversation.


Save time and avoid the inconvenience of dialing wrong numbers. Store up to a hundred numbers in your phone’s memory and get connected to these numbers simply by dialing a two-digit code. Highly recommended for frequently-called long distance direct dial numbers.

For activation, please call our customer service at 171.

What does my phone bill say?

Account Number, Invoice Number, Amount Due, and Due Date


A fixed number assigned to you as customer of the listed telephone number/s. Always quote this number when inquiring or when making a payment.


A distinct reference number for a particular bill for a billing period. Use for BIR purposes.


The total unpaid charges for the previous and current month.


The last date of payment for the total amount due. We encourage you to pay earlier than the due date to ensure payments will be credited to the current billing period. Payments made after the due date are considered late and may cause service restrictions or disconnections of your telephone.

Credits from Previous Charges, Total Call Charges, Service, and other Charges


The details of transactions such as payments and downward Foreign Currency Adjustments (FCA), which reduce the customer’s previous charges.


The summary of all your voice calls and data charges, which can include but not limited to NDD, IDD, Cellular, Operator assisted calls, and Premium numbers 1-908.


The details of recurring monthly charges and one-time fees (if applicable) for subscribed products and services. However, on your initial bill, you may receive a pro-rated service rental charge as computation will be based on the date your telephone service was installed.

Sample Computation - Daily

(*P700 / 30 days in a month)   P 23.00 
 No. of Days Used  51
 Total bill (pro-rated) P1,189.83

Credit/Debit Adjustments

Shows the adjustments effected to your account that may be due to the following reasons:

  • Rebates from non-service
  • Over / Under billed local service
  • Toll dispute

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