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Enjoy unlimited landline calling* wherever you are in the country

Unlimited landline calls to and from*!


Bring your landline with you anywhere!

Send and receive SMS!

Instant activation – just insert the SIM into any compatible phone.

Just add P250/mo to your landline only plan or broadband plan to get a Call All line! With Call All you get:

  • Unlimited calls to and from any landline within your homezone wherever you are in the country
  • Unlimited PLDT to PLDT NDD Calls
  • 60 All-net SMS

Call All Rates

  • Local Landline Calls
    To PLDT / To other networks

    Unlimited to all landlines within the homezone


    To PLDT

    To other networks

    Calls to Mobile



    60 SMS


    International SMS

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Call All?

Call All is a wireless landline plan that can be availed on top of a PLDT Home Landline or broadband plan for a monthly fee of P250.

Call All is a SIM-based, wireless landline service so you can insert it into any compatible mobile phone. You can take it with you wherever you are in the country and continue to make and receive unlimited landline calls to and from your homezone.

What services can I enjoy with Call All?

For P250 every month, you will enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing local landline calls
  • FREE 120 SMS

Can I continue sending SMS beyond my FREE allocation?

Yes, you will be charged P1 per SMS. This will reflect on your PLDT bill.

What is a homezone?

Your homezone is the area or province where your subscribed PLDT Home landline or broadband plan is based or installed. This is determined by your address on record with PLDT. For example, your broadband plan is installed in Pasig City, so your homezone is Metro Manila. Any other area outside Metro Manila shall be considered outside of your homezone.

I don’t have a PLDT Home Landline or broadband plan. Is it possible for me to avail of Call All as a standalone service?

Call All is an add-on service and cannot be availed separately from a PLDT landline or broadband plan. If you are looking for a standalone wireless landline service, you may get a PLDT Landline Plus Postpaid Plan .

Please note that PLDT Landline Plus will allow you to make and receive calls only within your homezone. The service will no longer work outside of your homezone. Meanwhile, Call All allows you to use the service inside and outside of your homezone.

Why is it important for me to know what my homezone is?

The main advantage of Call All is that you can take it with you wherever you are in the country and you can continue to enjoy unlimited and free calls to and from any landline within your homezone. However, calls that you make to a non-PLDT number outside of your homezone will incur the standard per minute NDD rates that’s why it is important to know what your homezone is.
If your homezone is Metro Manila and you are in Cebu, you can make a call to another non-PLDT Manila number for FREE or without any NDD charges. However, if you make a call to a non-PLDT Cavite number, you will be charged the standard NDD per minute rate since Cavite is outside of your homezone.

What kind of phone works best with Call All?

The Call All SIM is a tri-cut SIM Card. It is compatible with all old and current open line mobile phones with a physical SIM slot.

How do I set up my Call All service?

Your PLDT Landline Plus service is activated within 48 hours upon successful processing of your application. To use the service, all you need to do is to insert your SIM card into an open line mobile phone.

Does the Call All service have a lock-in?

Yes, the contract period for Call All is 24 months. Should you wish to terminate your Call All service before the contract period is over, you will be charged a pre-termination fee of P2,500.

I have a concern on my Call All service, how do I get help on this?

You may call our hotline 171. Please be ready with your PLDT Account Number or Landline number so that we can assist you with your concern.

Will I get the same landline number with my new Call All SIM?

The new Call All SIM that will be issued will have a different contact number from your existing PLDT number.