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Based on Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® data 2018-2022


Experience limitless possibilities at home with Unlimited WiFi and Whole Home WiFi


Be more productive than ever
with faster speeds that Fibr Unli can provide.


Enjoy seamless whole home coverage
with no deadspots!

Check out our high-speed Fiber Plus Plans

3 WiFi Mesh Units

For whole home coverage


Unlimited calls to any PLDT landline

Lionsgate Play

until July 1, 2023

    • Recommended

    400 Mbps Before 200 Mbps

    Fiber Plus Plan 2399

    Good for big homes with multiple devices to enjoy seamless HD streaming, gaming and file transfer.

    600 Mbps Before 400 Mbps

    Fiber Plus Plan 2999

    Suitable for larger households with multiple devices, for streaming HD, file transfer or playing online games.

  • 1000 Mbps

    Price available upon request

    Best to power larger Smart homes with multiple devices for 4k streaming and competitive gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fiber Plus Plans?

Fiber Plus combines the benefits of Fiber broadband and mesh technology into a single service. You can enjoy seamless coverage with no deadspots and experience consistently fast internet speeds throughout your home.

What is Mesh WiFi and how does it work?

Mesh WiFi or the Whole Home WiFi system replaces a collection of routers and range extenders with an intelligent WiFi system made up of multiple units working together seamlessly. Your phone or tablet will automatically connect to the fastest mesh device as you move through your home. The switching from one puck to another takes less than a second and is smooth and unnoticeable, creating a truly seamless online experience as you walk around your house."

Do I need Whole Home WiFi?

We’d recommend at least 2 Mesh devices if your house type is a large bungalow or two-storey home that’s around 70-150 sqms.

If your house is a larger two-storey home or bigger, we’d recommend a Fiber Plus plan with 3 Mesh pucks or more to bring any deadspots to life and give you a consistently fast and stable internet connection anywhere you go.

How many mesh devices do I need?

Every home is unique and the Whole Home WiFi systems in our Fiber Plus plans are designed to be flexible so that it can fit any type of home. However, we generally recommend one mesh device for every 100 square meters or one-two devices per floor so that we can extend the WiFi coverage throughout your home

Small bungalow or 1-bedroom apartments: Two mesh WiFi devices (one that will be plugged directly to your modem and the other to be placed in another spot that will help blanket your home in fast, stable WiFi connection).

Large Bungalow, two-storey home, or townhouses: For best results, we recommend at least three mesh WiFi devices (one that will be plugged directly to your modem, and the other two to be distributed throughout your home to eliminate weak signal areas).

Three storey-home or more: Two mesh WiFi devices per floor would be the optimum number of mesh devices especially for houses with 150sqms or more (one connected directly to your modem and the others carefully placed throughout your home).

What are the specs of the TP-Link deco Mesh?

How do I receive my Lionsgate Play voucher?

For new PLDT Home Fiber subscriptions, you'll receive a Lionsgate Play Welcome Email from PLDT. The email will be sent in batches every Saturday. Once you receive the email, kindly sign-up on to receive your voucher code, which will be sent via SMS and email within 48 hours. To know more about Lionsgate Play, visit

How do I redeem my Lionsgate Play voucher?

You may redeem your Lionsgate Play voucher by going to, sign up for an account, and input your voucher code to enjoy awesome content from Lionsgate Play until June 1, 2023.