GGWP! Your own connection to power up your game!

Add-on a MyOwnWiFi, a dedicated connection to level up your gaming experience.


Enjoy faster speeds and earn rewards at the same time!

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    Month 0

    50 Crystals

    for every successful upgrade

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    Month 1

    ₱15K Klook Vouchers

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    Month 2

    ₱160 Cashback

    When you pay bill via Maya


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-172802 Series of 2023

Say hello to smooth online wins!

No need to share bandwidth with the rest of the household with MyOwnWifi

  • MyWorkWiFi

    A stronger connection to important meetings.

  • MyStudyWiFi

    A reliable secondary connection for online classes and synchronous exams.

  • MyGameWiFi

    A better solo bandwidth for faster ping.

A new innovation from the
Philippines’ Fastest broadband

An additional bandwidth with same speed as your main Fiber Plan 

One connection for your fam, and a dedicated one for gaming

Same speeds as your main Fiber plan

Hassle-free activation in just 24hrs

Comes with FREE 1 mesh device

Let’s find the perfect MyOwnWiFi for
your Home Fiber or Home Biz plan

Select your plan below to see the applicable MyOwnWiFi plan

MyOwnWiFi Plans come with
1 WiFi Mesh Unit

To connect more devices

* A minimum of 2 WiFi Mesh units are required to set up a mesh network

Here’s the perfect MyOwnWiFi plan for you

Two is better than one

Got a house full of heavy WiFi users? Here's the smart way to strengthen your internet.


The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Connection as a Power User

Nothing feels more satisfying than installing a fresh, speedy, and reliable Internet plan


Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyOwnWiFi?

MyOwnWiFi is PLDT Home Fiber’s add-on subscription that uniquely offers a secondary internet without the need for a separate PLDT Home Fiber account. You won’t have to apply for another PLDT Home Fiber account and there is also no need for installation.

Why do you need MyOwnWiFi?

MyOwnWiFi offers additional connection that is identical to your base plan. For example, if you are subscribed to 100 Mbps on your base plan, you will get an additional 100 Mbps on MyOwnWiFi . It is ideal for member of the family whose usage may be heavier compared to others and therefore in need of a solo internet connection for work, school, or play.

What is the lock-in period if I avail MyOwnWiFi?

The lock-in period for MyOwnWiFi subscription is 24 months.

How can you avail?

You will receive an email about MyOwnWiFi through your registered email address, SMS or Viber message. If interested, you may apply through this page ( or call 171 to inquire. You may also visit PLDT Home retail store to know more.

What is the Speed that may be availed?

MyOwnWiFi offers speed that is identical to your PLDT Home Fiber plan. For example, for Fiber plan with speeds of up to 400 Mbps (Plan 2699 or 2999), MyOwnWiFi secondary internet will also offer speeds of up to 400 Mbps.

You cannot avail of a speed higher or lower than the PLDT Home Fiber plan you are subscribed to.

What WiFi Mesh is available with the MyOwnWiFi Subscription?

One (1) piece of TP Link Deco M4 or Tenda Nova MW6 is bundled to your MyOwnWiFi subscription

*Depending on the availability of the WiFi Mesh Device

How will you receive the WiFi Mesh that is bundled with my MyOwnWiFi subscription?

You will receive one (1) piece *TP Link Deco M4 WiFi Mesh or *Tenda Nova MW6 which will be delivered to your registered address for free by the courier. Estimated delivery under Alert Level 1 in NCR is 24 hours to 2 days, Luzon 2-5 days, VisMin 5-7 days. For Outside of Serviceable Areas: Luzon 5-7 days, VisMin 7-10 days

Once MyOwnWiFi is activated, you will receive a confirmation via email or SMS. While waiting for your WiFi Mesh to be delivered, you may start using MyOwnWiFi by connecting an ethernet LAN cable to LAN 2 of your modem and to a single device

*Depending on the availability of the WiFi Mesh Device

Is MyOwnWiFi a back-up internet?

No, MyOwnWiFi is not a back-up but an additional connection you can use solely for work, school, or gaming. It is connected to the same Fiber account.

It offers additional bandwidth on top of the base plan with additional IP utilizing same physical facilities.

How will the subscription be billed?

MyOwnWiFi shall be charged to the same Statement of Account using the same account number and billing period as your PLDT Home Fiber plan.

You are interested to avail of MyOwnWiFi but LANs 2-4 are currently being utilized by your IPTV Connection. What are your options?

Call 171 for assistance to use LANs 2-4 for MyOwnWiFi and if willing to disconnect 1 IPTV from LAN 4.

My order was not confirmed. What should I do?

Should there be issues concerning the confirmation or activation of your MyOwnWiFi subscription, please call our hotline 171 or social media channels.

What is the difference between MyOwnWiFi and a WiFi Mesh?

The MyOwnWiFi service serves as a secondary internet without the need for a separate PLDT Home Fiber account, this is a separate connection from your base plan. You will get an additional speed that is separate from your regular base plan.

The WiFi mesh unit included when you avail the MyOwnWIfi serves as a distribution point to help you connect more devices via wireless connection vs single device connection thru your MyOwnWiFi LAN port. Adding more units to your mesh network will help to improve coverage and avoid dead spots.