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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fam Cam?

Fam Cam is a home monitoring system that can help you watch over your family & home from wherever you are. Access real-time video feeds from your smartphones, tablets, or computers and talk to your loved ones through the device

What are the available PLDT Home Fam Cam units or models?

You may choose between our PLDT Home Fam Cam variants – Basic Fam Cam and Advanced Fam Cam.

Basic Fam Cam is Wi-Fi enabled, has a built-in mic, motion & sound detection, and is mobile app supported.

Advanced Fam Cam has all the features of the Basic Fam Cam plus other features such as a speaker that allows you to communicate with your children if you aren’t at home. It also has a pan, tilt, and zoom function, and a built-in SD card slot to store video feeds.  

How much is a PLDT Home Fam Cam?

You can avail of the Basic Fam Cam for as low as P99 per month! The monthly fees of both Fam Cam variants will be billed on top of your existing PLDT Home subscription for 36 months. We have a page dedicated for this, to learn more about the latest plans available visit https://pldthome.com/famcam

How can I avail of a PLDT Home Fam Cam?

Apply today, visit https://pldthome.com/famcam

Can I buy just the Fam Cam without an internet service?

You can only get the Fam Cam with a PLDT broadband service. This is available for new and existing customers. For best results, we highly recommend you subscribe to a plan with at least 3 Mbps. Choose the right plan for you and add-on a Fam Cam to give you peace of mind!

How do I get my Fam Cam to work?

You need to configure your Fam Cam through your mobile app.

How can I access my Fam Cam via Android or iOS phone?

You can download the Mydlink app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Run the app and log in using your Mydlink account. Select camera and view live video stream.

What is Mydlink Service?

Mydlink Cloud Services allows you to effortlessly access, view, and control your Fam Cam. You need to have a Mydlink account to be able to view your Fam Cam anytime, anywhere.

Why do I need a Mydlink account?

Your Mydlink account will allow you to monitor and control the activities of your Fam Cam.

Can I record a live stream on my Fam Cam?

The Basic Fam Cam does not have on-board storage.

The Advanced Fam Cam can record and view videos remotely using the Mydlink app or via website. The device has an on-board micro-SD card slot which can accommodate up to 32Gb micro-SD cards.

Why is my camera's Live Video delayed?

If you are running other bandwidth-heavy tasks such as downloads, peer-to-peer applications, or audio/video streaming, this may cause the camera video feed to be delayed. To improve the quality of the video feed, close or stop any bandwidth-heavy applications when viewing your camera's live video or upgrade to a more powerful home broadband connection!

My Fam Cam does not seem to work, who do I contact?

Call our PLDT Hotline 171 and one of our customer care officers will be glad to assist you further. Click HERE to know more about how to contact us.