1. PROMO PERIOD is from June 5 to September 30, 2022 nationwide
  2. All PLDT Home Fiber subscribers who purchase at least 2pcs of PLDT Home’s WiFi mesh add-ons are allowed to join
    • Buy at least 2pcs of any of the following models of WiFi mesh add-ons from PLDT Home in a single transaction:
      1. Tenda Nova MW6
      2. TP Link Deco M4
      3. TP Link Deco M5
    • Only received applications during the promo period and were subsequently approved are automatically included in the raffle draw
  4. There will only be 4 winners of a Samsung 65" Crystal UHD 4K TV:
    • 1 winner from applications received from June 5 – June 30, 2022
    • 1 winner from applications received from July 1 – July 31, 2022
    • 1 winner from applications received from August 1 – August 31, 2022
    • 1 winner from applications received from September 1 – September 30, 2022
  5. Winners shall be determined by a monthly raffle draw and will be posted on this page.
    • ROMULO ANTIVO - June Winner
    • KEVIN UMALI - July Winner
    • MARYANN VERGARA - August Winner
  6. Qualified participants within the promo period will receive a notification from a PLDT representative informing them if they won the promo.
  7. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-144683, Series of 2022.

Terms and Conditions

  • Prize is not convertible to cash.
  • All employees of PLDT Inc. including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.
  • PLDT reserves the right to refuse the awarding of prizes to participants that are proven to be invalid or fraudulent.
  • Winners must allow PLDT Inc. to publish their name in their marketing communication materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WiFi Mesh System?

The WiFi Mesh system is designed to complement your internet’s existing router, to deliver strong WiFi signal in areas within your home that the said router cannot reach.

Oftentimes, ordinary routers are unable to deliver consistent strong WiFi signal across entire homes especially if the area is more than 70sqms wide, has multiple rooms, thick walls and spans multiple floors.

The WiFi Mesh system eliminates this problem as it uses WiFi 5 technology to deliver strong connectivity in rooms where it's needed. It’s comprised of mesh units that you can distribute among the different rooms of your home to ensure strong WiFi signal in these areas.

What is the ideal Mesh WiFi setup?

Check out this guide to know the ideal Mesh WiFi set up for your home.

Large Bungalows and
Two-Storey Homes

70 to 150 sqm
2 WiFi Points

two storey

Townhouse, Three-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
3 WiFi Points

three storey

Large Multi-Storey

150 to 250 sqm
>3 WiFi Points

multi storey

What’s the difference between Mesh Starter and Mesh Add on?

If you’re availing of a WiFi Mesh System for the first time, you will need to get a Mesh Starter Kit, which comes with 2 mesh units. This is because one of the mesh units needs to be attached to your existing router. While the other unit can be placed in an area/room/floor where you need strong WiFi signal.

A mesh add on is availed only when you already have existing mesh units and you want to expand the WiFi Mesh system in your home by adding more units to more areas/rooms/floors.

What if I only want 1 WiFi Mesh unit?

If you have not availed of any WiFi Mesh units under PLDT, you will be required to purchase a Mesh Starter, which comes with 2 units as you will need both to get your WiFi Mesh system set up.

You may avail of single WiFi Mesh unit add ons if you already have an existing WiFi Mesh system with your PLDT Fiber plan.

How can I avail of a WiFi Mesh System?

  1. Website – you may directly apply at and have it delivered to your home.
  2. Stores – available in all PLDT stores nationwide – subject for availability of stocks per store
  3. Hotline – you may call 171 for inquiries


Up to how many WiFi Mesh units can I avail?

The PLDT agent who will process your order will inform you on the maximum number of WiFi Mesh units you can avail.

Can I avail of a WiFi Mesh system without a PLDT internet service?

You can only get a WiFi Mesh System as an add on or as part of a PLDT Home Fiber plan.

What if I have an existing WiFi Mesh system purchased outside of PLDT, will it work with PLDT’s WiFi Mesh system?

We are currently offering TP Link M4 and M5 Mesh Systems. If the mesh system that you have is also from TP Link but a different model, these should work with our systems.

However, we highly encourage that you only purchase mesh units that are of the same brand and model as the one attached to your router for a more seamless experience.

What is the lock in period if I get a WiFi Mesh System?

If you get your WiFi Mesh add on to your Fiber Plan under the 24 month payment terms, the corresponding lock in period shall also be 24 months.

You also have the option to pay for your WiFi Mesh add on upfront and in full and this would not entail a refreshed plan lock in period. This option is available in any of our PLDT Sales and Service Centers.

How do I setup my WiFi Mesh System?

Our WiFi Mesh system comes with a mobile app that has a convenient and visual step by step guide that will help you get it set up in minutes!

What is parental control?

The WiFi Mesh System’s parental control features allow you to create multiple user profiles for your home network. Under these profiles, you may assign timed usage, blocked sites and even bandwidth. It’s a convenient tool parents can use to make sure their family is safe and productive online.

What do I do in case I encounter a problem with my WiFi Mesh system

You may call our hotline 171 or go to any PLDT Store to get help on any WiFi Mesh system concerns.